Two Great Sites to Help Children Learn To Write Java Code

By | January 16, 2014

My 10 year old is OBSESSED with Minecraft.  In an effort to make something useful of this obsession, I’m going to mandate him to build a couple of “mods” for the client.  We are starting our voyage with something simple, so we are beginning by using these sites to learn the basics of programming and the java language:


I will pin this article and update it occasionally with our progress.




Update Jan 30, 2014: Greenfoot tutorial complete..

Me and Jules completed the Greenfoot tutorial (Crab tutorial).  Jules now has a very rough understanding how coding works and ties to a GUI(Greenfoot Framework).  He made a simple game where a crab chases and eats up worms while escaping a lobster that moves randomly in the world.  We also tied a custom eating sound to the crab when gobbling up a worm.  He is still interested and enjoying the experience of seeing his finished products.  We will freely write in Greenfoot another couple of weeks and see what we can break and then jump to scratch.


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