Silent Mobility NetMotion Installation

By | March 28, 2014

Here is a breakdown on installing the Mobility XE client (NetMotion) silently.

Prep the install files:

1. Create a TXT file with the following name “options.inf” and save it in the same directory as the install files.

Contents of options.inf:


2. Update the “options.inf” with your server address (replace the <ServerIP>).

3. Execute the netmotion..exe file, browse to the “%Temp%” directory, locate the netmotion..MSI and copy it over to where your install files exist.  You can now exit the installation.

Install Script:

1. Due to the network driver installation occuring during installation and potentially interferring with the installation, the first step is to copy the install file to a local temp directory.

2. Next we install the .MSI:

3. Lastly, delete our install files.


Entire script:



2 thoughts on “Silent Mobility NetMotion Installation

  1. Thomas Barber

    What was your deployment method? how did you push this out to your users?


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