Run an Interactive Installation in SCCM with AutoIt and the “Run a Command Line” TS Step.

By | November 8, 2011

By Default, All programs called by an SCCM task Sequence are silent and HIDDEN.  They are not in view, so any non .MSI, old .EXE,  or improperly packaged install packages without fully silent arguments are NOT SUPPORTED without re-packaging.  This process is very time consuming and also troublesome when resources and settings are missed during re-packaging.  The best method I’ve found is to use AutoIt’s “ControlClick” function to click through installation prompts and similate a manual installation of the package exactly how the customer wants.  In SCCM, you MUST run the AutoIt install script as a “Command Line”.  This is due to “Programs” being hidden and therefore out of sight, so AutoIt can not target boxes and buttons.  I’ve used this methodology successfully with the Slysoft VirtualCD Application as a test.  This is the “Run Command Line” line step in my “Task Sequence”.


And here is my package contents:

Package Contents

I also add a block of code on the top of my AutoIt scripts to close the Progress UI, which may interfere with the script targeting buttons and boxes.  This UI reappears after the installation is complete.


Link to AutoIt source and images above:

– Brian G

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