How Can I Set The AssetTag in A Panasonic Toughbook or Toughpad’s BIOS using MDT 2013 or SCCM 2012?

By | November 22, 2014

If you MUST input the ComputerName manually on a machine once, then store it in the BIOS, so the next time the unit is imaged, it can be pulled from the BIOS’s AssetTag value.

The first step to this setup is telling MDT2013 to attempt to use the AssetTag for the ComputerName value.  This is easily accomplished using the “%AssetTag%” variable as the OSDComputerName CustomSettings.ini rule.

Next, we need to use the Panasonic’s AssetTag.exe utility to import the value into the BIOS.  This utility relies on the Panasonic Drivers being installed as well as the unit being booted into Windows.  So it is best handled in the State Restore phase, after the appropriate Panasonic One-Click Bundle is executed (  Here is a the “application” source files, which I use to set the AssetTag value: OneDrive Link

The script uses the AssetTag.exe utility (Download Link).  This is included in the application source files.


The script logs to the BDD.log as well as its own log file Z-AssetTag.log.


Here is the script source:



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