How to add an application or script after MDT is complete.

By | December 10, 2011

I ran into a need from a customer to run an application installation that resulted in MDT cleanup scripts to fail. In this event, I figured, the best bet is to perform this installation after the MDT CleanUp process is complete.

1. Remove the portions of LTICleanUp.wsf and Litetouch.wsf scripts that remove the “AdminAutoLogon” values:

LTICleanUp.wsf: (starting at Line 124)

Litetouch.wsf changes: (Starting at line 947)

2. Next create an application in MDT which calls a batch file, which stages install files on the local disk and calls the files via the “RunOnce” Registry Value or add a Shortcut to the Startup of the Administrator.

Example silent.bat contents:

Install.bat contents:

DisableAutoLogonEntries.vbs contents:

/Brian G

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