Workaround to The “Copy Profile” button being greyed Out in Windows 7 OS

By | July 15, 2011

In Windows 7 OS, the “Copy Profile” button is disabled.  They are pushing everyone to use the “<CopyProfile>True</CopyProfile>” option in the Unattend.XML file.  This setting takes the local “Administrator” profile and overwrites the “Default” user profile.  this works for most settings and IS Microsoft supported.  However, many settings are missed.  A workaround I came across Today seems to have decent reviews on the posted blog, but is NOT MS Supported.  The tool has been around for ages, but was just verified as working in Windows 7.  I would say be careful using this method, but its worth testing in your Organization if necessary.

Copy to button is now enabled and functioning!

Tool: Windows Enabler

Download URL:

Reference Blog Website:

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