Useful Post-install Toshiba Bluetooth Registry Keys

By | January 28, 2011


Some useful registry entries that can be applied to set up how the Bluetooth stack works in Windows XP/7.

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack download site:

Silent Install String:
setup.exe /w /s /v”/qn MODE=4″

Get rid of this window on start-up..


Toshiba Bluetooth Registry Key to not “Auto Register”


;Hide Icon in TaskBar

;Other Helpful Reg Imports

;Disable BT Assistant that by Default appears on Startup.

4 thoughts on “Useful Post-install Toshiba Bluetooth Registry Keys

  1. john

    Unfortunatley the last key doesnt work anymore, or doesnt do what I want.

    Every time I connect BT speakers it opens BT Assistant and says that my device is not set to default, opens up sound control panel where it says device is default, and everything works great, I just have to exit out of panel and click notification and Alt F4… annoying, any thoughts??

    PS: I dont want to disable all notifications, and I tried disable notifications via customize system tray, no go

    Win 8.1 Ent
    Toshiba BT Stack, newest release as of 5/20/15 (Don’t think they have updated in a long time, but it works great !)

  2. john

    PS: sorry, What i mean by not disable all notifications was other peoples solution was to disable all WINDOWS notifications in system tray, that is not what I want, id be happy to hide all Toshiba BT notifications, but I can’t. I even disabled BT Assistant inside options in Toshiba BT app, but still same actions..

    1. Brian Gonzalez Post author


      If you can’t disable the notification using the options, your not going to have much luck disabling it in the registry as the registry simply adjusts the same settings displayed in the GUI. Can you use Microsoft’s BT stack instead of the Toshiba one? That one seems to be more popular in the Enterprise space.

  3. john

    Thanks for replying!, no I use the Toshiba Stack for the new Wii-Motes, its the only solution, but it works great with my Intel AC-7620 Wifi card which is a bonus. Just annoying, im big into automating things and disabling notifications etc etc.

    If you ever figure it out, let me know, ill probably check back in a few months when im up late and annoyed at it again !


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