Update: Tool to scan .INF files and output info to .CSV File

By | February 4, 2011

I came across this very useful tool a few years back and threw it in my imaging toolkit and never looked back.  The tool will scan a folder and sub-folders for .inf files and provide data on each supported device by the driver.

Tool: FindHWIDs.exe

Download Tool Here: https://panaconsulting.egnyte.com/h-s/20140114/3f95120d0a084993


Scanning in progress:

Scanning Complete:

Example Output:


UPDATED LINK: https://panaconsulting.egnyte.com/h-s/20140114/3f95120d0a084993

FindHWIDS will output HWIDS from an INF file or files to a CSV, Excel or Sysprep.inf file. CSV and Excel output will give you all HWIDS including duplicates, plus driver date, version, etc. The Sysprep.inf output will not produce ANY duplicates. So there’s no worry about crashing from having multiple HWIDS pointing to multiple INF’s. And it’ll only parse SCSIAdapter and HDC.

FindHWIDS will recursively scan a folder, looking at all folders within that one folder, for any INF files. It will then scan each INF file for HWIDS, those that aren’t commented or not usuable in any way. FindHWIDS can also scan multiple different folders and/or files by dragging and dropping these into the Location input box.

FindHWIDS will also allow you to only export the hardware found in the current system. Useful for PE environments to export to sysprep.inf for an offline integration of MassStorage drivers. I haven’t tested this function fully yet with PE. So please test!

You can also install drivers for hardware currently installed on your system.

There’s also the ability to export all current hardware in the system to a log file, with information about the currently installed hardware. Useful for testing and troubleshooting purposes.

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