How To Take Screenshots in WinPE with SysInternals ZoomIt Utility

By | January 8, 2011

One of the best discoveries I’ve made over the 15 years of experience in IT, was finding and learning how to use SysInternals Free Resources.  They have a plethora of tools all available for free, complements of Microsoft purchasing them a couple of years back.  I will highlight the ZoomIt utility in this article.

Windows Sysinternals

Tool: ZoomIt

Downloaded in .zip format, it comes in a single .EXE file, which does not require installation to run.  The only requirement to run is to accept a EULA prompt.
This prompt can be bypassed via the following registry import:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


By Default, here are the available options:
Ctrl+1 = Initiate ZoomIt and perform Zoom.
Ctrl+2 = Initiate ZoomIt and do not Zoom.

Options Available after ZoomIt is initiated: (Cursor will change to Crosshair)
If zoomed, moving mouse will pan zooms focus to desired area on screen.
Left Click on mouse to initiate Editing Mode.

Options Available in Editing Mode:
R = Changes color to RED
B = … BLUE
T = Text Editing Mode.
Hold Ctrl + Click = Draws Rectangle.
Hold Shift + Click = Draws Line.
Hold Shift AND Ctrl + Click = Draws Arrow.

Universal Options After Initiated:
Esc = Escapes ZoomIt.
Ctrl + S = Saves Screenshot to desired location.
Ctrl + C =  Copy Screenshot to Clipboard.


Note: All Functions have been tested and work in WinPE 2x and 3x.

.. I also use this resource frequently in training sessions and presentations to help with the folks in the back of the room.



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