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Batch script to set the A1 button actions on a FZ-G1 Toughpad tablet

By | December 14, 2016

Here is the batch, it’s fairly self-explanatory:


My edits for PSAppDeployToolkit’s Wrapper PS1

By | August 10, 2016

http://psappdeploytoolkit.com/ ‘s wrapper is my new favorite wrapper for applications I add to MDT or SCCM.  As Johan & others have stated, the main reason to use wrappers is how mush it eases testing of creating packages.  Here are my 2 edits I make to all of my Deploy_Application.ps1 scripts. 1.Tell PSAppDeploy to copy the… Read More »

Easy way to clean-up MDT XML files

By | July 15, 2016

Notepad++ is a must-have. If you don’t have it go get it (ninite.com). Also install the “XML Tools” add-on and use it to “pretty up” your XML files.

How to make your VM use a static IP when booting an MDT WinPE image.

By | March 17, 2016

When VMs exist in static IP environments and a VM is being used to capture a thin image with MDT, the boot image must be instructed to use a static IP during the capture process.  Here is my method of achieving this. Download the “SetStaticIP.vbs” and updated “Unattend.xml” file, using the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwHI1r8k8A75S2w0UkZUeWM3NzA Update the “SetStaticIP.vbs”… Read More »