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Setting the Wallpaper and Lockscreen in Windows 10

By | December 4, 2016

Finally! I found a failsafe way to set a desired image to both the default wallpaper and lockscreen in Windows 10. Place a Wallpaper.jpg into your MDT “scripts” folder, add Powershell support to your WinPE (you will need to also add .NET support).  Then use this command line after applying the image:

I basically… Read More »

My First Chocolately Package [Approved] – BatteryBar

By | October 25, 2016

https://chocolatey.org/packages/BatteryBar Chocolately is like apt-get, but for Windows.  My favorite thing about chocately is having the ability to reach out and update all of my packages with one command line “choco upgrade all”!  Making the package took a bit of trial and error, but it was easy enough.  It uses Powershell at it’s base and has… Read More »

My edits for PSAppDeployToolkit’s Wrapper PS1

By | August 10, 2016

http://psappdeploytoolkit.com/ ‘s wrapper is my new favorite wrapper for applications I add to MDT or SCCM.  As Johan & others have stated, the main reason to use wrappers is how mush it eases testing of creating packages.  Here are my 2 edits I make to all of my Deploy_Application.ps1 scripts. 1.Tell PSAppDeploy to copy the… Read More »

Powershell script to collect MDT/SCCM/Windows logs from a local system

By | September 11, 2015

Add this script to your custom WinPE boot media to make grabbing the logs from a system simple and quick. UPDATED 9/11/2016 – https://github.com/brianfgonzalez/Scripts/blob/master/CollectLogs.ps1


How can I present a dynamic OU Selection prompt for MDT/SCCM?

By | December 18, 2014

First thing you will need to installf Maik Koster’s “Deployment Webservice“. This will give you the ability to do cool stuff like query AD for a list of OUs, or move computers around to different OUs, and add/remove computers from SCCM collections. Any many other actions similar to that. Once you have it installed and… Read More »