Setting Custom Windows 7 “Action Center” settings via a Script or Batch

By | June 24, 2011

Because the Windows 7 CopyProfile=true option only saves a handful of configurations.  We are left with the fun of trying to automate the rest.  I’ve outline some basic, such as specifying a custom Themepack for All Users:


The Windows 7 Alert Settings can become a nuisance if you disable the Firewall or do not use a Virus protection program that MS considers safe.  So in some cases, it is easiest to simply disable the checks it performs and notifies the user on.

Desired Setting:


The problem is that MS saves these entries in the Registry with GUIDs and REG_BINARY type values that are not easy to change via script.

(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Action Center\Checks)


So in the interim, the only method I’ve found to disable these alerts is to disable the “Security Center” entirely using the following command:

net stop wscsvc



I can not guarantee if disabling this Service will effect other features within Windows.

3 thoughts on “Setting Custom Windows 7 “Action Center” settings via a Script or Batch

  1. tyler j.

    Well, I tried this per your instructions and as soon as I disabled Security Center, an Action Center alert message popped up saying I need to re-enable it. Looks like this doesn’t work to stop the popups.

    1. Brian Gonzalez Post author

      Tyler, You are correct, This was more of a shot in the dark. Did you figure out a method that worked? If so, Ill update my posting. Thanks inadvance.

      -Brian G

      1. Cody

        I have not finished testing but so far I have got no pop up. I disabled the Security Center Service (wscsvc). Then if you stop the action center notifications you should not get a pop up.

        Right Click open space on task bar => Properties => Customize => Find Action Center => Change to Hide icon and notification


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