Prompt that works During a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Task Sequence.

By | January 31, 2011

In some cases, mostly during testing,  I want to provide visual prompts within Task Sequence Steps during a Deployment with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).  The common measures do not work (Popup appears behind MDT Progress Notification Windows,  MsgBox and Wscript.Echo literally pause a script and do not display).  So I built a custom prompting application, which can be called from any script or batch to provide updates:

PrompText.exe was built with AutoIt’s SplashText built-in Functionality.  It allowed me to place the prompts on the upper-left hand side of the screen, which is out of the way of MDTs standard prompts.

Download URL:

2 Arguments are required, 1st for Desired Text, and 2nd for Duration in Seconds Prompt appears.

* When calling application from vbscript,  set the “Window” variable to 2 or above.
strCmd = “””” & strDestDir & “\PromptText-v1.0.exe”” “”Copied Install Files to Temp directory”” 5″
intRet = objShell.Run(strCmd, 2, True)





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