My Search and Apply .WIM Image files script with recovery partition creation.

By | September 25, 2013

Once powershell was supported in WinPE, I converted my .VBS search and apply script over.  I add this script into my startnet.cmd, so it is started after initializing WinPE.

Here are the steps of the script:

  1. Prompts the user asking them to verify that they want to run recovery.
  2. Prompts for recovery password if “$sRecoveryPassword” variable is set.
  3. Verifies that it sees a local disk (>100gb).
  4. Searches through each disk and pulls the latest .WIM file that is over 1gb.
  5. Creates a recovery partition and stages the .WIM along with WinPE in recovery partition.
  6. Applies .WIM file from Recovery Partition to System Drive.
    Preps the MBR and BCD file.
  7. Shuts down the system.

Script Source:


/Brian G

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