MDT Wizard Screen to remind Deployment Technician to turn on the Wireless Switch.

By | October 11, 2013

Our Toughbooks ship with the Wireless Switch in the OFF state.  So when you take the unit out the box and image the unit, it will not install the required WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth drivers.  So to remind Deployment Technicians to Turn on the Wireless Switch, I built this Wizard screen using the OpenSource “MDT Wizard Studio”.


HTML used in Window:

Condition added to Pane: (Used to support skipping screen during Image capture)

Images used in Wizard Screen: (Must be copied into \\DeployRoot\Scripts folder)



ZTIGather.XML Updates: (New SkipWizardSwitch Property needs to be added)

Lastly, I update the CustomSettings.INI to not display the prompt during Image Capture:

/Brian G

4 thoughts on “MDT Wizard Screen to remind Deployment Technician to turn on the Wireless Switch.

  1. Brent Johnson

    Hey Brian,

    HA! I had to comment on this one as its hilarious to me. Our company uses Panasonic CF-52’s and CF-53’s almost exclusively for our field-related work. That branch of the company has a pretty high rate of turnover so we have to reimage those a lot. I had this same issue with our Helpdesk team forgetting to turn on that switch. My solution was to add a WMI query to the task sequence that would invoke an HTA popup. The popup pauses the task sequence with a 15 second countdown warning them to turn on that darn switch! Hilarious that you’ve had this happen to you too!

  2. Dams

    Nice !!
    However for me, it would be better if you implement a kind of test of the wireless connexion.

    For an example using a wmi query in the ztigather.wsf and so prompt the result of this query in your panel.
    By this way you could add a condition (if wireless connexion disabled, so display my wizard).

    1. Brian Gonzalez Post author


      I agree, I think I have an idea how this could be implemented, but it would require a decent amount of work. We have a few different modems that could possibly be installed, so I would have to check if any were installed, probably a list of 10 different PNPIDs. I’ll add this to my list and update my blog which what I find.

      BTW, I made a UDI variety of this screen as well. I’ll post that up as well for the SCCM Litetouchers out there.

      Thanks for the suggestion!


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