Install a Silent Locked Down AT&T Connection Manager instead of Watcher or consumer ACM

By | November 19, 2013

The consumer grade ACM (AT&T Communications Manager), simply doesn’t cut it for Corporations. The installation is bloated with WLAN control, numerous useless menu items, no simple method for hard-setting your APN (Access Point Name). These settings are vital when rolling out a hundred or so machines.

I came across a great resource for building silent installations, which allow you to cut the consumer fat from the software along with hard code Corporate APN settings and more.

The “AGN Client Mobility Installer”. Why this is a secret resource kept from the public, is unknown. It works flawlessly!

Download the latest release from this site:

When opened you will be presented with a screen, which allows you to configure a plethora of options.

Tick the “Create deployment Install Files..” and then this software will build an .MSI and .MST for that can be utilized for silent installations.

Note: Make sure to tick the “Suppress Reboot” as it will trigger a reboot post-install.

Here were my desired settings.

Click “No” after the install files are built and grab the .EXE and Mobility.ini files from the built “SingleExecutable” directory. If you wish to use an .MSI and .MST you will also need to grab the latest “agnc_laptopconnect.msi” file from this website:

One last tip, when using the “SingleExecutable”, open the “Mobility.ini” and change the “Install_Mode” to “/qn”, in my testing with MDT/SCCM, this worked best.

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