Include Ramdom Number in CustomSettings.ini

By | April 11, 2011

In some cases, naming computers, naming log files, etc having a ramdom value is helpful.  I found a quick way to accomplish this using a VBS include line in the CS.ini.

RamdomNumber = #Randomize: Replace((RND()*10),”.”,””) #

Will produce a fairly short random number(ie. 7055475).

This can now be used throughout your INI.

2 thoughts on “Include Ramdom Number in CustomSettings.ini

  1. Markus

    seems to give the same number everytime (at least in my tests), nuber is 7055475 every time. In VBS you normally use the RANDOMIZE function to avoid this – any ideas how to do this in the customsettings.ini?

    Cheers — Markus

    1. Brian Gonzalez Post author

      Your right, give this a shot to include both the Ramdomize and the desired line of code.

      RamdomNumber = #Randomize: Replace((RND()*10),”.”,””) #

      The “:” is a special char that acts in VBscript as a line break.

      -Brian G


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