How to update a Panasonic Toughbook Driver Bundle

By | November 20, 2013



Panasonic bundles by default, include all Mandatory and Recommended installations. They also include optional installations, which take up disk space, even when compressed. This tutorial will display how to change a packaged Bundle and re-package it back up for distribution.


  1. Download the desired bundle from the following site:
    1. Download the large .EXE files and download by clicking directly on the Filename.

  2. Extract the large .EXE into a sub-folder using the latest version of 7-Zip (currently 9.20):

    1. Note: Be careful deleting the Mandatory and Recommended installs, as some of them are vital for the unit to function properly.
  3. Once extracted, delete the undesired .ZIP files from the sub-folder and rename the root folder and sub-folder (contains the .ZIP files) to notate the change.
    1. Note: The name should not contain any spaces as well as any under-scores.

  4. Download the “” package from panaconsulting:

  5. Extract the “” archive into a sub-folder.

  6. Drag the updated Bundle’s root folder on top of the “7Zip_SFX_Creator\BuildExe.bat” file. This will auto-generate an updated large .EXE file in the “7Zip_SFX_Creator\” folder.


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