How to Query WMI from Command Line with WMIC tool

By | January 5, 2011

The quickest method to find values in a system’s WMI Database is to use Windows Built-In WMIC Tool.  This tool is simple and straight forward.  See examples below for some of the most common values I query for:

wmic ComputerSystem get Model

Example Output:

Other useful commands:

Manufacturer: wmic SystemEnclosure get Manufacturer
(ie. “Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.” Or “Panasonic Corporation”)

Short Model (ie. CF30-1): wmic BaseBoard get Product
Serial Number: wmic BIOS get SerialNumber

AssetTag: wmic SystemEnclosure get SMBIOSAssetTag

BIOS version: wmic BIOS get SMBIOSBIOSVersion


Another easy method to browse the WMI database is to use the HTA built by the Scripting Guys called Scriptomatic v2:


If you prefer a Powershell alternative, this is for you:

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    1. Brian Gonzalez Post author

      Sorry about that, I was asked to remove it, because we are trying to track how many companies are in need of a tool like this. I emailed you the content I previously posted.

      If anyone else needs this content, post a comment here, or email me directly (

  1. JoelChampagne

    Hi Brian – I am looking for the same utility… Can you help?

  2. Mario

    Hi, I’m looking for the same panasonic utility, can send it to me as well ?


  3. Gene

    Anyway that I could get a copy of this as well? We have a lot of ToughBooks in our fleet.


  4. Arno Bosch

    Hi Brian,
    we configure the BIOS-settings of all our PCs and Notebooks by script.
    So I am looking for a Utility from Panasonic to do this with our Toughbooks as well.
    But so far I could not find any tool from Panasonic to do this.
    Can you send the content to me too?

  5. Arno Bosch

    There is another interesting thread “Protected: How can I set BIOS Settings for a Toughbook or Toughpad in WinPE?”. How can I get a Password for this thread?


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