How to fix a Barcode scanner not working on CF-H2 Toughbook laptop

By | February 7, 2014


The Barcode module on the CF-H2 is hard-coded to use COM3. In some cases, this port is occupied by another device, which are soft assignment to COM3 (can be re-assigned to another port). In those cases, the Barcode scanner does not work.  Here is a way to address this issue via a script/batch.

Download Links:

Source Code of Batch Script (GitHub Link):


Steps taken by script to fix issue with Com3 conflict:

  1. Utilize devcon.exe to “remove” the device that is occupying Com3, the port hard tied to the barcode scanner.
  2. Import the provided COM3-InUse.REG to force Windows 7 to label Com3 as “InUse”.
  3. Delay the script to allow the system time to fully execute step 1(remove device).
  4. Lately, again utilize devcon.exe to perform a “RESCAN” to pull back any removed devices, which should now assign itself to a different ComPort.



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