How to download Offline installation files for Adobe and Java Products.

By | January 11, 2011

About a year back or so, Adobe transitioned to using Add-Ons to deliver their products via their website.  They eventually went further and hid their install files entirely unless you subscribe and wait for approval to be an “Adobe Distributor”.  I just wanted the Install Files.  See below to work around their efforts and grab the install files themselves:

1. Adobe Flash,  I was lucky enough to come across this website a few months back.  It simply gives up the direct links, incl. the SCCM Catalog Files:

Example Installation Strings for Adobe Flash Installs:

2. Not to my Surprise, Adobe Reader consistently requires more effort.  The only method I have found is to use a browser, which is not supported by their “Add-Ons” (Non-MS or Mozilla).  In my example, I use Chrome:

a. Jump to the standard reader download site:
Or try this link
b. Click on “Download Now”, simple as that the direct download will be presented.

Example Installation String for Adobe Reader Installs:

3.  Now for Java Runtime, which is easier than the others.

a. Jump to their distribution site for manual installations and download the file taged with “Offiline” (should be the larger file):

Example Installation Strings for Adobe Flash Installs:

-Brian G

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