How to Add “Deployment Duration” to the MDT Litetouch’s Final Summary Page

By | March 19, 2017

1. Add a step in Task Sequence to create a “.tag” file named after the OsdComputerName, which will be later used to determine the deployment duration.

Command Line: cmd /c echo. > “Z:\Logs\%OsdComputerName%.tag”

2. Add a Task Sequence step to sync time with Deployment Server during the State Restore phase.

Command Line: cmd /c net time \\ /set /y

3. Update the LTICleanup.wsf script to add “DeploymentDuration” to results.xml file.

~ line 225

4. Update Summary_scripts.vbs and Summary_Definition_ENU.xml to Display Deployment Duration.

Lines added to Summary_scripts are marked below.

Summary_Definition_ENU.xml changes are also marked below.

Updated source files can also be accessed here:



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