Force a GPS port to a desired Port in Windows 7/8/10.

By | July 15, 2016

Force a GPS port to a desired Port in Windows.

In a recent scenario, I needed to force to the Gobi 5000’s (WWAN) GPS to use COM3 in Windows 7 x64.  Here are the steps I took to accomplish this.  This process was also tested and worked on moving a “u-blox virtual..” to COM, and moving a COM2 device to use COM3.

1. BEFORE your drivers are installed, you must tell the Windows OS that the desired COM port is “In-Use”. I accomplished this by importing the following REG, which sets COM1-5 to “In-Use”:


2. Reboot the system.

3. Next, Install any/all drivers that may occupy COM ports, incl. Gobi 5000.

4. Lastly, Edit and run the “ForceCOM.ps1” script, and then reboot before usage:

Additional Files:

If you need a batch to call the Powershell, here is what I used:

Call Force COM


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